Saturday, 21 January 2012

How we found Lola

Originally I planned on getting myself a small dog later on this year, this decision was based on having our lovely Dobermann Maya previously, and thinking perhaps a dog with shorter legs would be a good idea, so that we wouldnt have to worry about our food getting stolen again. you've probably guessed already, that plan didn't last! 
My Mother really liked the idea of getting another dog, so she started look on the net to research breeds, when she found a litter of Great Dane X Mastiff puppies, only 15 mins down the road...we went to visit them and well... the small dog plan went well and truly out the window!
They were all beautiful puppies but Lola just had so much character, and has such a pretty face, and that was it, I couldn't say no . I knew it was a crazy decision, but I still didn't expect how challenging a (very large!) Puppy could be.. but she's lovely when she's sleeping....


Our first Pictures of Lola at the Breeders

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